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deb. is a refreshingly new jazz-pop act born from the creative mind of Basel-based singer and composer Debora Monfregola and brought to life by her talented band members Charlotte Lang (alto saxophone, flute), Lukas Reinert (trombone), Tim Bond (piano), Jeanaine Oesch (double bass) and Max Liebenberg (drums).


deb. was formed from the lead singer’s desire to test her own limits and compose a full piece of work by herself. Her strong influences in Jazz and Pop eventually shaped her sound of today. 


Her debut album Balancing Act tells the story of relationships and the highs and lows that come with them. Balancing between emotions is sometimes destabilizing. It’s like being on a boat in the open sea. The title of the album is an ode to the way relationships strive for balance and a reminder that it is ok for them to change and evolve into different directions.


In Balancing Act you will discover sounds from two worlds blending together to form another: classic and catchy jazz orchestrations mixed with dreamy pop melodies.

The sonicity of the record was highly influenced by masters like Soweto Kinch, Miguel Zénon and Immanuel Wilkins. But pop icons such as Arlo Parks and St. Vincent remained a strong presence throughout deb.’s creative process.

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